Geofines Bags


Porcupine Canvas developed these bags specifically for the collection of fines samples produced by RC drilling. They are designed to allow quick drainage of water and can be transferred directly into drying ovens. Attached to each bag is a 2″ x 3″ hi-vis tag for easy marking and identification. These bags can also be used to collect shavings from diamond drill samples when drilling in muskeg, overburden, and sludge where water is a concern.


20″ x 24″


Waxed drawstring closure tightly secures fines. 2″ x 3″ Hi-vis tag is water-proof, mildew-proof & insect-proof. Non-woven Polypropylene fabric is lightweight and strong, allows drainage of liquids, and can be transferred directly into drying ovens with heat resistance up to 300ºF. Reinforced stitching along base and seams for heavy loads.

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