Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Our commitment to quality is a top priority at Porcupine Canvas. For more information about our products as well as their care and maintenance, you may browse individual product pages or contact our customer service team. Check below to see if we already have an answer ready for you.


How come your website doesn’t list prices?

As Porcupine Canvas is a premium quality supplier, we aim to connect with all clients. This allows us to adequately respond to inquiries and make sure you’re shopping for the right products for your needs. Please CONTACT US for pricing.

How long does it take to complete orders?

Time varies depending on inventory and availability. Please CONTACT US or submit a quote for availability.

Do you have warranties or guarantees?

Our products are designed to last with expected wear and tear. However, if products are shipped with defects, we will repair and/or replace them. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please CONTACT US.


Do you ship outside Canada?

Yes, we ship to the U.S. and other international clients. Taxes and duties are determined by shipping location.

Do price quotes include shipping costs?

Please include your request for shipping information when you submit your quote.

What shipping methods do you use?

We use either courier or transport services depending on the shipment size. We aim to offer you the best value for your order.

Do you export your products?

Yes, we export to all international locations with the exception of Russia. Please CONTACT US for more details.

What is the lead time for orders?

Lead times vary depending on product availability. Please CONTACT US for more details.


Do you have patch kits?

Yes, for some of our products. Please CONTACT US for more info.

Do you manufacture custom items?

Yes, please CONTACT US if you want us to design and develop customized products. ed products.

Can products be modified?

Yes, some reasonable modifications are available, such as colours or closure options.

Can you add images, company logos, or names on products?

Yes, we work with printing services to add logos and/or text on some items.

Do you sell raw fabrics?

Yes, please CONTACT US for more information on pricing and how to order.

Any other questions?

Reach out if your questions haven’t been addressed.